Human Healing Unlocked: Transforming Suffering into Wellbeing: David Reilly (Transcript)

Full text of physician David Reilly’s talk: Human Healing Unlocked: transforming suffering into wellbeing at TEDxFindhornSalon conference.

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David Reilly – Physician

I want to talk about human healing and the puzzle of unlocking it.

And it’s a puzzle, I hope, to encourage you to become involved in and to wonder about, because it is very relevant for us collectively, but it is also very relevant for you individually. In private times of your life, it will prove critical.

What do I mean by the healing, human healing? If you cut yourself and it heals. And if you break your heart, it tries to do the same; that is remarkable.

If you just stand back and think what that is, I don’t know what it is by the way. I don’t know what life is, and I don’t really know what healing is. What one patient said to me once, after we had a chat about stuff like this, he said, “I don’t know what healing is, doctor, but I am really into it.” Right?

And that would sum me up, I think, because it is a mystery we may never understand; it is a characteristic of life itself. And we don’t know what life is.

But, you know, a gardener may not know how a plant grows but it doesn’t stop them becoming a master of helping that growth. And that is the inquiry I would like to invite you into, to reflect on as we sit together, tonight.

Beginning to wonder, what unlocks that natural ability in people?

Now, I will throw out some clues as best I can, as we go along. And the first clue I would like to do is just a simple action. I wonder what is in that simple act. Life responds to nurture, and the simplest of action can produce a transformative change if that action is something to release a strength, which is already inherent, already present.

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And so, the power for healing is there within our bones, and our blood, our body, and our spirit, and our life, waiting.

But what are the actions that support it and could help it? And what does a plant do that has been neglected of water and it is given sun? Does it say, “So, you think you will come along, look after me now then?” it responds, with no story, no past, no resentment. It responds. It is forgiveness itself.

And as it does, all it wants to do is bring through the repair, and the healing, and the well-being, and the creativity, and the joy that characterizes life itself.

We don’t make these things. They make us. It is life that brings that gift. When I use the word ‘life,’ I don’t mean your life situation; we have all got one of them. And of course, if it is going well at the moment, it is going to be dipping; and if it is going low at the moment, it is going to be improving. It is, that is the way that when I say life, I mean your heart beating; what beats your heart.

Speaking of clues and talking about plants, I would ask you to think, for a moment, of your own lack of well-being, or distress, or suffering and difficulty. And bearing that in mind, and answer this silly question: If you were a plant, what shape are you in? Just you might want to close your eyes for a second, but maybe just let an image appear.

Okay, so, have you got an image? How they’re looking, I wonder. Could they be looking better? Drop your hand if it could be looking better. Yeah, right. This is a shared situation. I wonder what it needs. I wonder what it needs, the plant of your own life. And I wonder how you are doing in supplying its needs. That is if there is a mirror I would like to hold up to you, that it would be that tonight.

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