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Hypnotize Yourself: Dan Candell (Full Transcript)

Dan Candell at TEDxAuburnMiddleSchool

Full text of world class hypnotist Dan Candell’s talk: Hypnotize Yourself at TEDxAuburnMiddleSchool conference.

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Dan Candell – Hypnotist

Welcome everybody. My name is Dan Candell and I am a hypnotist.

Now before you all get really freaked out, I want you to know I’m not going to make you quack like a duck. I’m not going to make you cluck like a chicken. And most importantly, I’m not going to hypnotize you to make you hand over your wallets and money to me. So you can rest assured.

But I would rather teach you something very very important that you can use. And that is how to really take control over your life.

You see, I’m going to teach you something tonight that I’ve actually been using since I was in seventh grade. And that is the ability to hypnotize.

I want you to ask yourself what it would be like if you had this ability to hypnotize. What would you use it for?

Now most of you are probably thinking about how you would use it on somebody else. But tonight, I’m going to be teaching you how to use it on yourself: how to hypnotize yourself, so you can achieve and accomplish your fullest of potential.

You see when I was in seventh grade, I had a learning disability. And I stumbled upon this tool called Self-Hypnosis. And I actually hypnotized myself to get better grades. Now I teach it to people — over 70,000 people all over the world I’ve taught this craft to help them learn how to: gain control of their lives; feel more empowered, inspired and accomplished.

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