Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Keynote at CES 2016 (Full Transcript)

Title: Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich Keynote at CES 2016 – Transcript

Event: CES 2016 on January 5 in Las Vegas

Speaker (s):

Gary Shapiro – President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation [Full bio]

John Skipper – ESPN President; Co-chairman of Disney Media

Andi Gall – CTO, Red Bull Media House

Rob DeMartini – CEO, New Balance

Brian Mullins – Founder and CEO, DAQRI

Becca McCharen – CEO, Chromat

Mark Burnett – President, MGM Television and Digital Group


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Lady announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President and CEO of Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro.

Gary Shapiro – President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association

Good evening and welcome to CES 2016. This show is already one for the record books, the most space ever, the most innovative products and more than 500 startups in Eureka Park. We have phenomenal growth in exhibit marketplaces for augmented reality, virtual reality, wireless health, auto-tech, robotics, 3D printing, drones, driverless and electric cars and biometrics. And the Internet of Things is everywhere. Ultra HD Blu-ray is making its first appearance and it’s transforming how we listen to music. We are at the beginning of a tidal wave of innovation, thanks to increasingly ubiquitous broadband and of course low-cost sensors. But we have a special treat this evening to kick off CES.

As many of you know, for 50 years, Moore’s law has been the driving force of consumer electronics, making our devices faster, sharper, thinner and of course better. That’s why it’s no surprise that Intel has played such an important part in our history. And since he became CEO in 2013, Brian Krzanich has come here each January to deliver a keynote that is both riveting and newsmaking. Of course, with Brian and his team we always get more than a keynote and when Intel comes to CES, they set the stage for the whole week. They frame the conversation. They create the industry buzz we love and of course, with every Intel keynote we get live demos right here on this stage. In many cases, we will be getting the very first look of the most exciting technologies of tomorrow. And this year the company actually will be drawing the boundaries of even how we think about technology, pushing their expertise into totally new areas. Instead of focusing only on devices and gadgets, Intel is enabling a world of amazing experiences.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming our keynote of this evening, the CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

Thanks, Gary.

Gary Shapiro – President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association

Welcome. Wow! That is so cool!

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

This is my self-balancing vehicle. I’ll tell you what – why don’t you try and see if you can ride it back?

Gary Shapiro – President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association

Okay, okay, let’s see if I can do it. Hold on.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

Now you go.

Gary Shapiro – President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association


Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corporation

Let’s give Gary a big hand for some risk taking there.

I’d like to welcome everybody to CES 2016. I want to also take a second and thank the CTA for having me here to kick-off this truly premier event. Now this is my third year on the CES keynote stage and there’s no better place – truly no better place on the planet to talk about the future of technology and to share our vision with you.

All of us come to CES to be amazed, and I promise you, tonight is going to be no exception. We believe we are entering a new era of consumer technology, where consumers are choosing experiences over products – products that are purely based on the newest technology or feature, those are the way of the past — the technology that enables the new experience, that’s the products that will be successful in the future.

Now, Intel’s fundamental belief is that these experiences are enabled by three trends that are shaping and driving this technology. First, the world is becoming smart and connected. Now this one we all see today, whether it’s our thermostats, our refrigerators, our cars, our bodies, they’re becoming smart and connected.

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But the next step is that the computing is gaining senses. They can see — not only just see in two dimensions but they can start to see in three dimensions with depth and perception. We will spend time exploring that tonight. We call this the sensification of computing. It’s when the computing is allowed to expand beyond the limits of its silicon.

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