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Jeff Gaines: Why is Everyone So Fat, Broke and Busy? (Transcript)

Jeff Gaines

Here is the full transcript of personal development consultant Jeff Gaines’ TEDx Talk: Why is Everyone So Fat, Broke and Busy? at TEDxAlbany 2010 conference.

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Jeff Gaines – Speaker and consultant

So why is everyone so fat, broke, and busy?

First of all, are we fat, broke, and busy as a nation? Let’s look at some statistics. 65% or more of America is overweight or obese. 65% or more of Americans are in a bad financial situation. And again, over 60% of Americans are by their own standards busier than they want to be.

So as I go around the nation, talking to people about, you know, throwing out to audience this notion of fat, broke, and busy, I have yet to have anybody say, you know, “how dare you say that?” Usually people say, yeah, that’s kind of us. You know, people aren’t usually surprised by the statistics. In the shorter presentation I’m not going to go deeper into them, but trust me, there’s more, right?

But really who would go around the country calling people fat? I mean, what kind of person says such a thing, right?

So let me be clear on where I’m coming from with that angle. It’s not the school-run bully version of fat we’re talking about. I think part of what we’re going to need to address as we understand what’s causing this is the change of mentality, change of mindset we need to have around it, right? It’s a growing issue, it’s a growing crisis. And I think it’s one that not all people know about; it hasn’t really risen to the point of people taking action yet.

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