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Home » Kate Raworth: Why It’s Time for ‘Doughnut Economics’ (Full Transcript)

Kate Raworth: Why It’s Time for ‘Doughnut Economics’ (Full Transcript)

Kate Raworth

Kate Raworth is an English economist working for the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. She is known for her work on the ‘doughnut economics’, which she understands as an economic model that balances between essential human needs and planetary boundaries.

Below is the full text of Kate Raworth’s talk titled ‘Why It’s Time for ‘Doughnut Economics” at TEDxAthens conference.


If you wanted to change the world, what language would you learn to speak? That’s the question I asked myself as a teenager, in the 1980s, when the TV news showed pot-bellied children born into Ethiopia’s famine and a hole opening up in the ozone layer.

And I wanted to be part of changing that world, and I thought I knew the language I needed to speak.

I needed the mother tongue of public policy. And so I went to University to study Economics. But the economic theories on offer didn’t give me the words I was looking for because they sidelined or brushed aside or ignored most of the issues that I actually cared about.

And if you’ve never studied economics, now’s your chance. Because I’m going to give you a crash course with a twist.

I’m going to show you in three minutes what they never tell you in three years of a degree. So if you would please open your text books to page 23, and study with me the circular flow of goods and money.

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