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Home » Kate Webster on Quiet Power at TEDxIIT (Full Transcript)

Kate Webster on Quiet Power at TEDxIIT (Full Transcript)

Full transcript of Breaking Thru Barriers Founder Kate Webster’s TEDx Talk on Quiet Power at TEDxIIT conference.


Notable quote from the talk: 

“It really broke. And it was a transformative moment. My passive fears didn’t work. My aggressive power didn’t work either, and it’s how I hurt myself. What worked was my Quiet Power.”


Kate Webster – Founder, Breaking Thru Barriers

Twenty years ago, I had lived with lingering doubts whether I was good enough. By winning your constant acceptance and approval, I defined my sense of self.

But it never felt authentic, and I lost my voice.

One day this board showed me a different way. How to find my Quiet Power and, eventually, my voice.

Some of you may have also struggled to find your voice, especially in dealing with difficult people and discussions. Quiet Power can show you a different way to find your voice, to speak up, but also to change the way you communicate and change your world.

So, what happened that day when I met this board?

I found my Quiet Power. I was a newly-minted self-defense instructor at my first instructors’ conference, and I was so excited to learn new techniques and to network.

Then, I found out that the final event was board breaking, and I had so many fears. Fears about what you were going to think about me. I feared that I was going to look ridiculous, I was going to hurt myself, and I was going to fail.

So I did what I did best, and I looked to the outside for answers and was told I needed to use my strongest technique. And they said, for me that was my front snap kick, using the ball of my foot and a strong snapping action of my leg.

I was so fearful, but I just had to practice, and I thought it meant taking on an aggressive stance, mindset and kick. I didn’t know any other way, and I wanted to make sure I succeeded.

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