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Home » Mark Rober’s Address to MIT Class of 2023 (Full Transcript)

Mark Rober’s Address to MIT Class of 2023 (Full Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of YouTuber Mark Rober’s address to MIT Class of 2023.

Listen to the audio version here:


All right, good afternoon, esteemed faculty, distinguished guests, relieved parents, bored siblings, confused pets, and, of course, the 2023 graduating class of MIT. It is indeed a warm welcome. It’s hot. And you know what I love to do on a beautiful, sunny, 95-degree summer day?

Wear a big black blanket. At least I’m up here in the shade. You’d think the best engineering school on the planet could design a bigger audience for everyone. For next year.

Standing here before you is weird. I feel this pressure to give some timeless advice that will endure. Despite our world changing at an unprecedented pace, the world is so different even from four years ago. For example, for the undergrads, you are the first graduating class to have persevered through a global pandemic.

Just as this is the first commencement speech written entirely by ChatGPT. The text is still very new. So if I make any grammatical errors or threaten to end all human life, that did not come from me. That’s the robot.

Introducing Mark Rober

At this point, I should probably tell your parents who I am. I’m Mark Rober, a former Apple and NASA mechanical engineer who became a YouTuber. And yes, I know to some of you, it sounds like I just said I quit the MBA to work at Foot Locker. Or I traded a Picasso for an NFT of a stoned monkey.

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