Cometh the Horsemen: Pandemic, Famine, War: Michael Yon (Transcript)

Full text of podcast: Cometh the Horsemen: Pandemic, Famine, War with Michael Yon.

In this podcast, Michael Yon, one of America’s youngest Green Berets at 19 years old, joins Dr Jordan B Peterson to discuss the current state of affairs across the globe.


DR JORDAN B PETERSON: Hi everybody. It’s my pleasure and privilege today to be speaking with correspondent Michael Yon. I reached out to Michael because I’ve been extremely interested in the European civil protests, specifically those centering at the moment in the Netherlands. Inspired in no small part by the Canadian truckers convoy. Those protests are receiving short shrift and minimal coverage in what has become to known as the legacy media, which is more and more in a collusional relationship, let’s say with the globalist utopians who are attempting to guide our destiny so destructively and unsuccessfully.

I reach out to Michael because I want to find out to the degree that I can what’s going on, particularly in the Netherlands and more broadly in Europe and around the world. And he’s a cardinal person to talk to in this regard and he’s a very interesting person in his own right for all sorts of reasons which we’ll get into as we progress.

Michael was one of America’s youngest Green Berets. That’s not an easy thing to manage at 19 years old. He spent more than half his life overseas in more than 80 countries. So he’s been everywhere, man, and has seen many things. Mr. Yon is also the author of three books published in the United States, including Moment of Truth in Iraq, 2016 and three others in Japan, covering, among other topics, the present and developing information war with China. He is America’s most experienced combat correspondent. Not necessarily a title for the faint of heart, let’s say most recently, as I said, and this is the proximal reason for this discussion, Michael has been tracking and covering the rising tide of civil disobedience in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.

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So thank you Michael, very much for coming in to talk to me today. I understand that you’re in the Netherlands right now. You’ve been there for a couple of weeks and so tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’re in the Netherlands and what you’ve been seeing and what you think it means.

MICHAEL YON: Yes sir Jordan, and thank you for inviting me on. I’ve watched your show for years now. It’s incredible to come on yeah. And you mentioned the Canadian truckers. Their courage and their inspiration cannot be understated. Courage is courageous as is cowardice. And so we must display courage.

Recently, some months ago, earlier this year, I drove from California to Washington, DC with American truckers who were inspired by Canadian truckers, and they were flying Canadian flags. All these are American truckers and Americans over bridges. I must have seen hundreds of thousands flying almost as many Canadian flags as Americans. You may have seen it on the news while the news sort of blockaded it.

DR JORDAN B PETERSON: No, we never see anything like that on the news in Canada because yeah, our media is so subsidized by the government that we — anything that runs against government dictates, and I hate to say that about a country like Canada is just minimally or minimally covered or not covered at all. I had no idea that the American truckers were flying Canadian flags. You’d think that would be news in Canada, because isn’t it news when Canada becomes interesting?

And in fact, I know almost nothing about the truckers convoy in the US to Washington, and I do try to follow the news.

MICHAEL YON: Jordan, the truckers convoy in the United States from California to Washington, it was actually pretty massive. And I was there every step of the way. And so many Canadian flags, you wouldn’t believe it. Hanging off bridges, sides of the roads, even in blue states. And it was all inspiration from Canada.

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And so, yeah, again, courage is courageous, cowardice is courageous. And the Americans were very proud to follow the lead of Canadians. And so, again, this is spreading across the world.

DR JORDAN B PETERSON: Yeah. Well, that’s amazing.

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