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Home » A Young Man’s Attitude Towards Women (Biblical Manhood Part 3): Paul Washer (Transcript)

A Young Man’s Attitude Towards Women (Biblical Manhood Part 3): Paul Washer (Transcript)

Full text of Paul Washer’s sermon titled ‘A Young Man’s Attitude Towards Women’Biblical Manhood Part 3

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Paul Washer – Founder of HeartCry Missionary Society

Yesterday night we finished by determining what a young man must be in order to even begin to think about someone of the opposite sex and entering into a relationship with them. Again, it is something that you earn. It is not yours by some right of privilege. You have to earn this. When you’re awakened to the beauty of the opposite sex, you’re awakened to the desire to have a relationship, then you begin to prepare. You make yourself a man. And you do that primarily by studying the Scriptures, by imitating Jesus Christ, by growing in integrity.

And again, let me say this, one of the most terrifying things for a man is to take to himself a daughter of God. Because God loves His daughter.

Now, before we go on, let me just say something that is very, very important. It may sound kind of just too simple, but you need to hear it. It’s this, you do not treat a girl like you do one of your friends who’s male. I don’t care if you think she’s your best friend in the world, you do not treat her like you would a boy, like you would a man.

And another thing, guys, what are you doing? I know a lot of guys who say, well, my best friend is this girl. What on earth are you doing? That’s wrong. It’s just flat out wrong.

You say, why is it wrong? Here’s something you need to understand. A girl does not listen to what you say. She listens or she looks at what you do. You can tell her all day long, you are just friends. She is not going to believe you if you keep coming around. And even though you probably cannot see it, if she’s still around you and hanging around you as a friend, it’s because that’s the best that she can do right now. And she’s hoping your sentiments toward her will change. You are doing wrong.

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