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Billy Graham’s 1957 Sermon at Yankee Stadium (Transcript)

Transcript of Billy Graham’s sermon which was preached at Yankee Stadium on July 20, 1957.

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Billy Graham – Evangelist

And I’m going to ask you to give absolute attention. There are thousands of people here tonight that have burdens that need to be lifted, problems that need to be solved, sin that needs to be forgiven.

Many of you are searching for a new way of life. You’re searching for joy, peace, happiness, security, assurance. Assurance that if you died, you’d go to heaven.

But I want to tell you before you leave this stadium tonight, you can find an answer to the dilemmas and the problems and the perplexities of life.

Your life can be changed. It can be transformed. You can become a new person from this moment on, by surrendering your life to Jesus Christ.

I’m going to ask you tonight to listen not only with your physical ears, but I’m going to ask you to listen with the ears of your soul. The Bible teaches that your heart, your soul has ears. Listen as you’ve never listened. Tune in those ears to the God. He has a message for you tonight.

Our Father and our God, we pray that Thy Holy Spirit shall bring upon this vast congregation a holy hush. And we pray that Thy Spirit shall draw and convince and convict and bring men to the Savior, for we ask it in His name. Amen.

I do not feel that I can read my text until I say my word of appreciation to all of you that have sacrificed and worked and prayed for this great and historic day, and all of those gracious and thoughtful words that the Vice President has said. I want to hand over to the one to whom it belongs all the credit to the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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