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Why I Believe Jesus: Ravi Zacharias (Full Transcript)

Full text of apologist and bestselling author Ravi Zacharias’s sermon titled “Why I Believe Jesus”

Best quotes from this sermon:

“Take a look at your heart. You know why? On the day you see your heart is desperately wicked in need of a savior, you could become an answer rather than just another question.”

“Time is the canvas on which you present your portrait. Eternity is the key hole that takes you into the gallery that gives you the whole story.”

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Ravi Zacharias – Apologist & Bestselling author

And when you look at the story of Jesus and encounter with Pilate in John 18, Pilate asks him the most important question he could have ever asked. He said “What is truth?” And walked away.

Imagine that, imagine that, standing in front of him, who claimed to be “The Way, The Truth, And The Life.”

And Jesus had said to him, “They that on the side of truth, listen to me.”

And so to you this afternoon, I want to present a message within the time that I have allocated here. And the message is: Why do I believe Jesus Christ to be The Way, The Truth, And The Life?”

I have written a lot on the subject. I’ve written a book on this called Jesus Among Other Gods. I’ve written one called Why Jesus? — none of that material am I bringing to you here today. I’m just taking some existentially relevant ideas that I hope will form the impetus within your life to carry this message everywhere you go.

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