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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Launch Event Transcript

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – the tablet that can replace your laptop – was unveiled on May 20, 2014 at a lunch event held in New York. Below is the full transcript of the said event.. 

Satya Nadella – Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

Good morning everyone, and welcome to our event in New York. I’ve had a chance to see many of you over the last couple of busy months, and you’ve been on our journey with a couple of events. And so it’s great to see many of you made it to the East Coast. It’s good to be on a different coast this time.

I wanted to talk about our devices today. But I want to start by talking about the journey that we’ve been on. You heard me talk about our mobile-first, cloud-first strategy. And this is our focus for every device and every service that we launch at Microsoft.

And over the last couple of months, you’ve seen us talk about various aspects of this strategy. We started off by talking about how our cloud enabled everyone on every device. This is what we did when we launched Office 365 and Office Apps on the iPad.

We also talked at that event about our enterprise mobility suite, which enables enterprise IT to enable access to corporate information on any device.

We also had a major event around our data platform. This was the event at which we talked about creating this new platform for ambient intelligent experiences, as well as how one goes about creating a data culture within an organization using these data platforms.

And then lastly, at Build, which is our developer conference, we talked about the advances in Windows and our Azure platform on the cloud. We talked about how, in particular with Windows, we were advancing on every dimension from form factors to business models to experiences for both people, IT and developers.

Today is the next step on that journey. We want to talk about devices and hardware. But it starts for us with this obsession of empowering every individual and organization to do more and be more. That is what we at Microsoft are all about. This is what is the unifying theme for the company across everything that we do.

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