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Home » Mindset Is More Important Than Strategy: Preston Pugmire (Transcript)

Mindset Is More Important Than Strategy: Preston Pugmire (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript and summary of Preston Pugmire’s talk titled “Mindset Is More Important Than Strategy” at TEDxRexburg conference.

In this TEDx talk, podcaster Preston Pugmire emphasizes the importance of mindset over strategy when it comes to achieving goals. Using the metaphor of a tree, he explains that strong roots represent a positive mindset, which must be established before success can be achieved. He introduces three stages of mindset: belief in someone else’s success, belief in one’s own success but with uncertainty, and belief in one’s own success as inevitable.

Listen to the audio version here:


Two years ago I was basically broke and unhappy. Now I pretended that I wasn’t, but I knew that something had to change. Who in here tonight has anything in their life that they want to change? I get it.

I get it. I went from being financially and emotionally struggling to launching a podcast that debuted at number one in the world in my category and becoming a successful entrepreneur mindset coach. You guys want to know how I did it? Everybody does. They want to know the steps. They want to know the strategy. How did you do that? Here’s the thing.

If information was all that was necessary, we would all be millionaires with six pack abs right now. So have you ever had all the information or all the strategy that you needed and then not accomplish your goal? How come? It’s because mindset is more important than strategy.

Now the process of goal setting is represented by this tree. The top of it, the part that’s visible, the part that we can see, the branches in the trunk. This is the strategy. This is the how. This is the steps. But the part that’s below that gives it the structure, the size, and the stability, that’s the root system. We can’t see that, but that represents the mindset, the beliefs, and the thoughts.

Now a tree has to grow downward first, establish the roots before it shoots branches upward. And in the same way, we got to get our mindset right first in order to be successful. Now on my journey, I have identified three stages of mindset. Now as we go through this, think about the thing that you said you wanted to change, your goal. And see where you’re at in these stages so that you can really realize that mindset is more important than strategy.

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