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Home » How I Visualised My Dreams Into Reality: Maria Rahajeng (Transcript)

How I Visualised My Dreams Into Reality: Maria Rahajeng (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Maria Rahajeng’s talk titled “How I Visualised My Dreams Into Reality” at TEDxYouth@SWA conference.

In this TEDx talk, Indonesian beauty pageant titleholder Maria Rahajeng shares her experience of visualizing and manifesting her dreams into reality. As a visual learner, Maria created a dream board at 16 years old to visualize her desired life using the law of attraction. Despite her father’s traditional upbringing and her initial studies in broadcasting journalism, Maria pursued her love for fashion and worked hard to achieve her goals.

Listen to the audio version here:


Growing up, I was always a visual person. I grew up with a visual learning style. This meant that I preferred seeing something on a chalkboard rather than the teacher saying it with their words. And I preferred reading something from a book rather than listening to it.

I’ve also read that visual learners, amongst other things, are known to be, one, very quiet and shy, two, we love to scribble and draw when bored, and three, we love to make lists and plans for the future.

Now growing up, I would say I was all of the above. I was so quiet and shy. I actually loved going to school and was a good student. But I had a hard time speaking up in class, and I especially hated public speaking. So something that I’m doing right now, speaking in front of a large group of people, that was not my thing at all.

I hated all that attention on me, and I would be so nervous. And I would forget everything that I was about to say, and I would just embarrass myself in front of everybody. Now I also really loved to sketch and draw. I especially loved fashion design, and I would do this every single day. I was obsessed with fashion.

I would take home all of the fashion magazines, and I would look at all of the beautiful models and photo shoots. And it would transport me to a completely different world and completely different reality.

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