This One Brain Hack Backed By Science Will Change Your Life. Here’s How (Transcript)

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Mel Robbins – Renowned motivational and keynote speaker

In this video, I’m going to explain to you the science behind why the 5 Second Rule works.

As I said earlier, the 5-Second Rule is a form of metacognition that beats every trick that your brain plays on you. Most of us don’t even realize how often we hesitate, start doubting ourselves and get stuck analyzing things to death. I keep talking about how you can change your life in five seconds. And that’s because in five seconds flat, worry can hijack your mind, fear can take over and the smallest moves that you really want to make consume terrifying.

The opposite is also true. In five seconds sweat, you can take control back. Do you know how often you hesitate and stop yourself all day long.

There’s actually a neurological reason why change is so hard. Your brain is designed to stop you from changing. Let me explain. You see, change requires you to do things that are uncertain, scary or new. Your brain is designed to protect you from doing things that are uncertain, scary or new.

What’s your brain’s favorite way to protect you: to trap you in your head by making you overthink. I’ve studied and interviewed the leading researchers in psychology and human behavior. And what they’ve taught me is that the moment — the moment you want to change, break a habit or do something hard or scary, and you hesitate your brain goes to work to stop you.

Now there’s all kinds of fancy names for this: cognitive biases, the paradox of choice, the psychological immune system, the spotlight effect, I could name hundreds of them. You don’t need to know the fancy names, you just need to know one simple fact. There is a system in your head that is stopping you every step of the way. And the 5-Second Rule is the only tool that you need to beat it.

So how does the 5-Second Rule beat the system in your head? There are two explanations. First, I’m going to give you the simple one. Then I’m going to explain the science.

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At its most basic level, the 5-Second Rule is a tool that helps you take action. It gets you out of your head, and that’s the secret. You’ve got to stop thinking and start living before the system in your head has a chance to stop you.

Now let’s talk about the science. The 5-Second Rule leverages proven principles in modern psychology and there are literally hundreds of examples that I could point to. But in this video, we’re just going to focus on five of them.

First, let’s talk about two concepts; one called Locus of Control, the second called a Bias Toward Action. So a Locus of Control is a foundational principle in psychology. You should google it. Back in the day researchers figured out that there are basically two kinds of people — people that believe that they’re in control of their lives and folks that believe that life is just happening to them and they’re a victim of whatever might happen.

Now when you look at these two types of people — people that have an internal Locus of Control, a belief that they’re in control of their lives they’re happier, they’re more successful, more productive.

So the question becomes how do you create an internal locus of control in yourself? The answer is simple: it’s called a bias toward action. So a bias toward action is a psychological principle that means you’re the kind of person that has a bias toward taking action instead of a bias toward thinking.

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