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Home » Phil McGraw Interviews Donald Trump on Dr. Phil Primetime (Full Transcript)

Phil McGraw Interviews Donald Trump on Dr. Phil Primetime (Full Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Phil McGraw Interviews Donald Trump on DrPhil Primetime – June 6, 2024.

Listen to the audio version here:


DONALD TRUMP: It’s an honor to be with you. Let me just say, it’s great looking at that logo. I’ve seen that sucker a long time.

PHIL MCGRAW: You look well.

DONALD TRUMP: I feel good.


DONALD TRUMP: No pressure. It’s nice to lead a life of no pressure whatsoever. Corruption surrounded by corrupt judges and corrupt politicians. Other than that, there’s no pressure.

PHIL MCGRAW: You know, you and I talked the other night, and I work in trial sciences for a lot of my career, and so I have a particular interest in the dynamics of the trial setting.

Respect and Admiration

You’re fighting this fight and standing up for the rights of due process and fighting against prosecutorial misconduct and prosecutorial abuse.

DONALD TRUMP: You know, it was interesting when you called the other day about doing an interview. A lot of people want to do interviews, and I don’t just agree to them very easily. But I’ve always had great respect for you.

I watch your show. Some of the real good ones and some of the less intellectual ones, and that’s okay too. But it’s always been, you’ve always been very special. And I knew that you were in some form very much involved with trials, and I found it to be very interesting that you would take this up. It’s a very important thing.

Recent Developments

PHIL MCGRAW: Well, I wanted to, and I know that there was some news coming out of Georgia today. There was some news coming out of Florida today that they’re stepping back from this.

I called for the other day, and I don’t know if you saw it, but on Merit Street Media, where I now do my show, I called for President Biden to stop all of this now. And, of course, a lot of people said, oh, he can’t stop it. It’s a state case. Well, okay, that’s an explanation for stupid people.

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