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Home » Rapid Fire Round – Karan Johar with Sadhguru (Transcript)

Rapid Fire Round – Karan Johar with Sadhguru (Transcript)

Sadhguru and Karan Johar

Interviewer: Karan Johar, (Indian film director)


Karan Johar: I’m going to take the liberty, Sadhguru, to do what I normally do on my television show, which is a rapid fire round.

Sadhguru: Mhmm…

Karan Johar: Normally the end of this round.

Sadhguru: See, I’ve… When I was young, I watched a lot of, you know, Wild West movies. When you fire, I also fire, all right.

Karan Johar: No, but I promise you, this is not that kind of you are not in my line of fire at all. I will not take the liberty of being that person. These are just quick questions, which when I ask for one word, you have to stick to that because sometimes you have a tendency of not exactly answering the question asked. But you give such a profound and prolific retort back that it makes you very satiated. But in this case, my only request is that if it’s one word, then it’s just one word.

Sadhguru: Okay.

Karan Johar: And the end of this normally, you get a hamper. But in the absence of a hamper here, you already have.

Sadhguru: A cow.

Karan Johar: something right… Yes. So… And… Or this beautiful bouquet that is right next to you. But so there is no hamper but you do, will get my utmost gratitude. Thank you.

Karan Johar: All right, very simply, what is the one thing that is essential to living a balanced life?

Sadhguru: Sense.

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