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Apple is Sex, Google is God, Facebook is Heart, & Amazon is Consumptive Gut, with Scott Galloway (Transcript)

Scott Gal


TAI LOPEZ: Welcome to the Tai Lopez show. I have one of the more interesting books I’ve read in 2017. Scott Galloway, he flew out here on his way to Vegas to party. He’s a professor at NYU, he’s been ranked as one of the top business professors and he wrote a book that I think is important. It’s not just interesting but it’s important and some books are interesting but not important, and some books are important but not interesting, so this is kind of both.

So I want to lay the groundwork and I read the whole book last night, again. I kind of had read it before, but I read it from start to finish. I was up until five in the morning reading this.

SCOTT GALLOWAY: I’m sorry about that.

TAI LOPEZ: No, no, it was worth it. So the book is about the Big Four that pretty much dominate more than you realize: Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple.

So I’ve been tweeting about this. I don’t know if you’ve seen my Twitter the last three or four days –

SCOTT GALLOWAY: I have. I recognized some of your stats.

TAI LOPEZ: You see it’s up? Yeah. I would put that it’s a quote but it gets a lot more Twitter if it’s, so I kind of reworded ’em. But I figured you got the stats from somewhere, so I got that stats from you.

SCOTT GALLOWAY: That’s fine.

TAI LOPEZ: So Apple has more profit than Amazon’s had, Apple in one quarter has more than Amazon’s had since inception. Facebook, you consider the most successful like growth organism on the planet.

SCOTT GALLOWAY: Most successful that made a thing in history.

TAI LOPEZ: You say Google’s god because we used to pray to god when we didn’t know something, and now we Google it. And you say Amazon is — I liked how you put Amazon it’s like, unlimited capital raised. Its goal is to make it as hard as possible to compete with it. So they’re like if we can expand billions of dollars. Did you really say floating warehouses?

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SCOTT GALLOWAY: So Amazon has applied for patents on a bunch of things including a warehouse that floats and drones that can reassemble from small to bigger drones, and I think it’s a bit of a head fake just so they can dominate the front page. So right now we’re all obsessed with their second headquarters. Most companies don’t do it, they just make a decision and they announce it. But if you look at old media, it’s basically been co-opted into being the investor relations PR department for big tech. So how many things have you received via drone?

TAI LOPEZ: I don’t think, we get so much, I don’t think so.

SCOTT GALLOWAY: I think it’s coming in a truck. I’ll take the over-under on none, but when Amazon announced that they were going to start delivering drones five years ago on 60 Minutes, the press has been writing about it every week for the last five years. Uber just announced that in LA, they’re working with NASA to come up with these flying taxis. So I don’t mean to be cynical, but I don’t think when I’m here in two years visiting you –

TAI LOPEZ: I know, I saw that 2020 or something.

SCOTT GALLOWAY: Companies traditionally in the past liked to under-promise and over-deliver. These companies over-promise and under-deliver, and the press seems to put up with it.

TAI LOPEZ: So you’re literally saying, kind of the world we live in now almost works for these companies and that traditional media now is the PR department. Apple is funded by investors that don’t care about profits.


TAI LOPEZ: I’m sorry, Amazon. And Apple runs pretty much, sometimes I’ll text somebody and they’ll go, it was iMessage, I feel like it’s something wrong.

SCOTT GALLOWAY: Different color, sometimes it doesn’t go through.

TAI LOPEZ: Yeah, they’re green. They’re like, what the hell? Let me read this, this is interesting. So I was talking a little earlier before we went live, about how I can’t tell if you love them or hate them or maybe it’s a little bit of both. But you said, by the way, good job on the book to put things like this in visuals. I can’t tell you how many books forget to do this.

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So you talk about here, “Imagine a retailer that refuses to pay sales tax, treats its employees poorly, destroys hundreds of thousands of jobs, and yet is celebrated as a paragon of business innovation.” I’m assuming you’re talking about Amazon?

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