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Home » Rob Schuham: Brand in Common at TEDxMileHigh (Full Transcript)

Rob Schuham: Brand in Common at TEDxMileHigh (Full Transcript)

Rob Schuham – TRANSCRIPT

It was about a year ago that I asked myself, “What would I try if I had no fear?” Now, I’m a bit of a risk-taker in general. I’ve sort of grown up doing different kinds of sports, but I never really posed that hard of a question to myself, because I never really thought about fear before, so it never came up for me.

It’s kind of a heavy question to ask yourself if you’re just a marketer. I mean, that’s all I really am. I grew up inside large ad agencies. I ended up starting a few of my own. Both are still growing and vibrant and doing well. I think there are some people in the audience here today from one of them at least. I was having a lot of fun. I was pretty inspired. I was working on brands like these, doing some really amazing things, some breakthrough work. I was actually doing some programs that I thought were kind of giving back to the world.

One of my companies, I was working on the Pepsi Refresh project – some of you may be familiar with it. With another one, I was working on the Cliff Bar Two Mile Challenge, Ford’s Green Drive program, in addition to all the other stuff that we were doing. And I was having a blast. I was traveling around the world; I was seeing different places; I was having all sorts of different experiences. This actually is a picture of me at Wukesong Arena in Beijing the season before last, when I was cheering on the Nuggets at a Nuggets vs Pacers exhibition game. This says “Go Nuggets.” This is actually what I punched into Google Translator, and I’m really not sure what it says. It could say, like, “Chilled Lizard Beaks” for all I know. Somebody will let me know at some point in time.

But shortly after this trip, I had one of those crazy moments – actually, it wasn’t really a crazy moment, it was a very sort of rock-me-back-on-my-heels moment. One day I was home, and this kid comes in the door, and he said, “Dad, I hate marketing.” And I was like “What?! You kidding me? You seen the roof over your head?” You know.

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