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Samsung Galaxy S8 Unpacked 2007 Launch Event (Full Transcript)

DJ Koh

Samsung Mobile launched its latest smartphones Galaxy S8 and 8+ during this year’s Unpacked event in New York. We produce here the full transcript of the launch event for the benefit of our readers who could not watch it livestream online.

Speakers at the event:

DJ Koh – CEO of Samsung Mobile

Justin Denison – SVP of Product Strategy, Samsung

Sriram Thodla – Senior Director of Intelligence & IoT at Samsung

Suzanne De Silva – Principal Product Manager at Samsung Electronics America

Jonathan Wong – Director of Product Marketing at Mobile B2B

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen please give a warm welcome to the stage President of Mobile Communications business, DJ Koh.


DJ Koh – CEO of Samsung Mobile

Hello everyone.

Thank you. It’s great to be here in New York City. And welcome to everyone joining us from London.

I’m so happy that you are with us today. As you all know, it has been a challenging year for Samsung, a year filled with valuable lessons, hard decisions and important new beginnings. And today we are here to celebrate our new milestone, not just the launch of a great device but the beginning of a new way to experience the world – a world where boxes no longer define us and barriers that once stood in the way have been removed. From the first mobile phone back in the old days, which I am too young to remember, frankly speaking, to carved phones, flip phones, and smartphones — this industry has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, capabilities that people only dreamed about are features we now take for granted.

Today you can capture every moment, share every memory and travel every city, from a device small enough to fit in your hand, or big enough to contain everything you need for your life at work and at home. And what seems exceptional today will become essential tomorrow. This is how we drive progress as Samsung.

It has been our mission since we built our first cellphone in 1988. We have focused on market value to create new possibilities ever since. But to succeed we must continue to create products that you love – smartphones that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold, devices that do everything you expect and surprise you by connecting you to experiences you never thought possible. We know it also takes products that you trust. This is why our most important commitment is to quality, safety and craftsmanship, all driven by a passion for a constant improvement. This commitment is the foundation for every step we take.

We are honored that millions of people around the world trust Samsung Galaxy phones to organize their lives, save their memories, and manage their work. Today we are proud to mark the beginning of our new era of smartphone design — an era without edges or limits, an era with your phone at the center, connected to powerful capabilities, services and devices. Today when most people think of mobile, they think the cellphones. We think this view is too narrow.

Around the globe people are spurred by the promise of a connected world. But there are too many barriers, too many steps. The promise of a connected world is experiences that are personal, intuitive and versatile — experiences that embrace everything that is important to you, across all your devices and the services.

Today I’m excited to show you a new phone that extends our heritage of great innovation and stunning design. We will introduce an infinity display that sets a new standard for immersive experiences, a camera that takes sharp pictures even in low light, and defense-grade security with the fingerprint, Iris and a new facial recognition feature, all with a fast powerful performance and a low power consumption. But this is just a start. We see the phone as a gateway that will take you beyond the boundaries of today’s experiences and unlock the full potential of your imagination.

Today we will also show you new services that hint what lies ahead as we continue our journey to defy barriers. Our new interface will provide you with a more and more personalized help, video search and intuitive control of all your devices, software and services. We will show you how your device can be more than a phone connecting you to a world of VR experiences through the new Gear 360. New services and solutions then make your phone the gateway to smart devices in your home and powerful tools at work. Many of these have been enhanced thanks to our special relationship with Google.

We have worked with Google on strategic projects for many years to provide an intuitive experience for consumers. From industry lead in security to the software stack, and from services and solutions to content for a new optimized screen ratio, Google has been by our side the entire time. You see, every device we deliver, every service we offer, every experience we create comes from our commitment to provide meaningful progress through innovation that unlocks new value and creates new possibilities.

But the journey isn’t ours alone; it’s your journey too. We never could have gotten here without you. Feedback, loyalty and support from thousands of partners and millions of customers drives our progress. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are inspired by your dreams of a world where you are always connected to the people you care about and the experiences you love. We started from a deep understanding about how you use a phone today and a clear sense of what you wish your phone could do.

Today it is my great pleasure to unveil a phone that will take you beyond the limits of the one you have known before and bring you closer to the things you love. It is a new era of smartphone design, the beginning of a fantastic new services and the gateway to a galaxy of possibilities.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your phone unboxed.

[Video clip]

Thank you. I give you the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Now, please welcome Justin Denison, my colleague, at Samsung Electronics America. He will share more details about how the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will extend your mobile experience. Thank you.

Justin Denison – SVP of Product Strategy, Samsung

Thank you, DJ. Today marks a new beginning for Samsung, for our customers, and for the entire mobile industry. The Galaxy S8 will fundamentally change how you use your phone, by giving you more screen in a completely new form factor, by introducing intelligence that makes all of your interactions simple and seamless, and by fulfilling the promise of a connected ecosystem of devices, products and services.

Back when the first mobile phones came out, just making a call from outside the house, I mean that was huge, right? No, literally that phone was enormous. With the flip phone we could finally break free from our homes and offices with a device that fit inside our pockets. But in a digital age mobility wasn’t enough. We wanted Internet at our fingertips. And then we got it with the touchscreen smartphone. And then time just stopped. Well, OK, it didn’t really stop — our lives, our expectations, our habits, they kept evolving. But not the fundamental design of our phones.

Today our phones aren’t just music players or web browsers, they’re portals to the most important places, people and passions in our lives. And yet they have the same screens they had ten years ago, boxed in on all sides. Until now. The Galaxy S8 isn’t just a new smartphone but a new kind of smartphone. It marks a new era in smartphone design, the perfect balance of form and function, art and science, design and technology. And it’s my pleasure to introduce an innovation that will change the way you see your smartphone and everything on it: the Infinity Display. Thank you. Thank you; it’s gorgeous.

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