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Home » Wise Guy – Lessons from a Life: Guy Kawasaki (Transcript)

Wise Guy – Lessons from a Life: Guy Kawasaki (Transcript)

Here is the transcript and summary of Guy Kawasaki’s talk titled “Wise Guy – Lessons from a Life” at TEDxPaloAltoSalon conference. In this TEDx talk, chief evangelist of Canva, Guy Kawasaki shares a series of life lessons that he has learned. He emphasizes the importance of adopting a growth mindset, praising hard work, embracing grit, and being a pleasant person. Kawasaki also discusses the power of collaboration, paying it forward, and honesty. He concludes his talk by encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness and value in order to create a better world.

Listen to the audio version here:


Good evening, good evening. Thank you very much for attending this TED Salon in Palo Alto. For many people, myself included, speaking at a TEDx is one of the high points of one’s career, so this is a real pleasure for me.

I am going to talk to you tonight about implementing anew as opposed to simply imagining and reimagining anew. You’re going to hear from some great speakers about vision and passion and all these great things going forward, and I’m taking a different tack. I’m talking all about implementation.

And these are the techniques and wisdoms and knowledge that I gained. I’ve been in the Valley about 30 years. I’ve worked for Apple. I started some software companies. I’ve been a venture capitalist. Today I work for a company out of Australia, and so I just wanted to give you a different slate that I hope this is very tactical and practical so that, in the words of Steve Jobs, you can dent the universe and you can make a difference.

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