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Smash Fear, Learn Anything: Tim Ferriss (Full Transcript)

Full text of productivity guru Tim Ferriss’ talk: Smash Fear, Learn Anything at TED conference.

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Tim Ferriss – Author & Entrepreneur

This is Tim Ferriss circa 1979 A.D. Age two. You can tell by the power squat, I was a very confident boy… and not without reason. I had a very charming routine at the time, which was to wait until late in the evening when my parents were decompressing from a hard day’s work, doing their crossword puzzles, watching television.

I would run into the living room, jump up on the couch, rip the cushions off, throw them on the floor, scream at the top of my lungs and run out because I was the Incredible Hulk. Obviously, you see the resemblance.

And this routine went on for some time. When I was seven, I went to summer camp. My parents found it necessary for peace of mind.

And at noon each day the campers would go to a pond, where they had floating docks. You could jump off the end into the deep end. I was born premature. I was always very small. My left lung had collapsed when I was born. And I’ve always had buoyancy problems. So water was something that scared me to begin with.

But I would go in on occasion.

And on one particular day, the campers were jumping through inner tubes. They were diving through inner tubes. And I thought this would be great fun.

So I dove through the inner tube, and the bully of the camp grabbed my ankles. And I tried to come up for air, and my lower back hit the bottom of the inner tube. And I went wild eyed and thought I was going to die. A camp counselor fortunately came over and separated us.

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