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How to ‘Overcome’ Fear: Trevor Ragan (Full Transcript)

Full text of Train Ugly founderTrevor Ragan’s talk: How to ‘Overcome’ Fear at TEDxCedarRapids conference. In this talk, Trevor digs into fear — outlining what it is, where it comes from, and how we can work to put it in its place. Trevor Ragan is the founder of, a free educational website designed to unpack and share the science of learning and development.

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Trevor Ragan – Founder,

We learn the best when we operate at the edge of our abilities and a little bit outside of our comfort zone. The truth is I could go in for a few hours about what that looks like and how we can do that.

But today I want to zoom in on sort of an underrated angle, which is: Why do we hate getting out of our comfort zone?

I think if you dig into the research of learning and development, it’s pretty clear that one of our biggest hurdles to become a great learner is fear. The fear of looking bad, the fear of the unknown, the fear of messing up… that’s a huge reason we definitely prefer it in our comfort zone.

The good news is anybody can learn to beat fear. That’s a skill that any of us can develop. But the way that we do that is much different than you might think.

My intent today is very straightforward: it’s just to bridge the gap between what the science says about fear and how we normally think about it and talk about it.

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