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He says. I want you to understand something about this process. I’m getting ready to go through some things. And when I go through things, it’s going to escalate. He said they’re going to mock me; they’re going to scourge me; they’re going to crucify me.

They’re going to mock me. That’s verbal. They’re going to scourge me. That’s beatings. They’re going to crucify me. That’s killing.

Whenever God is getting ready to promote you, there will always be an escalation of trouble. I don’t know who that was for, but it was worth coming through the rain to get. Whenever God is getting ready to promote you, there will always be an escalation of trouble.

He said they’re going to mock me; they’re going to scourge me, they’re going to crucify me. It’s going to start out amongst my own people. And he said, then they’re going to turn me over to the Gentiles and it’s going to get worse.

Whenever the enemy knows you have a destiny, he will always set a distraction to stop you from getting to your destiny. And the distraction will always escalate before it gets better. They’re going to mock me; they’re going to scourge me; they’re going to crucify me.

The enemy comes to kill, to steal, and destroy. It’s always going to get worse before it gets better. You have to understand that when all of this is said and done, are you sure you can handle the process before you ask for the promise? Because I’m not going to let you sit in my seat until you suffer with me. Jesus says you cannot reign with me if you do not suffer with me.

I don’t know who I’m talking to. I know this is not a regular Mother’s Day message but I’m telling you to him whom much is given, much is required and before you ask for something, look in that cup, because Jesus said you’re talking about the place you want to sit, and I’m talking about the cup I got to drink.

Are you so focused on where you want to sit that you haven’t looked at what you have to drink, to get there? What amazed me with about the text is that Jesus tells this mama, be careful what you’re asked for. You are asking for your kids to die. I can’t put them in that position, if they can’t handle this cup.

And he says baptism — let me break this baptism for you, new Bible scholars. Baptism is about death, is not about water. When Jesus says I have a baptism, I’ll be baptized, well, he’s not talking about water, he already came up out of water. He talked about what the water typified which is grave and when he told them you got to drink the cup and you got to go through the baptism, this dummy said we got this.

This text illustrates how we underestimate what it takes to get to the next level. That we are caught up in the allurement of who sits on the right and who sits on the left. But we have not looked in the cup, nor inspected the cross, which is the path to the position.

We want the promise without the problems. We want acknowledgement without agony. We want riches without work. Talk to me now. Talk to me now. Talk to me now.

We want fame without loneliness. We want pleasure without pain. I’m sorry you know not what you ask. Before you ask God for the chair, be sure you look in the cup, because between you and the chair is always a cup. And this mother knew not what she asked for because she was distracted by the attraction of the position. And she never understood the pain that goes along with every position.

Every position has its pain. I’m going to try y’all. Every position has its pain. If you’re going to be a homeowner, that’s a great position but it’s got some pain too. It’s got some maintenance you didn’t have to have before. It’s got some issues you didn’t have to deal with it before.

If you own your own car, that’s a nice shiny car you got but you’re going to need some gas, and you’re going to need some tires and you’re going to run out of oil and you will need to change the battery.

See, we want positions without pain. We want to sit in the seat but we don’t want to drink from the cup. And when Jesus told her how much it cost, when he told her how much it cost, we’re not talking about a check, we’re talking about dying. When he told what it costs, listen we got this. Really? Really?

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