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Home » Simple English for Everyone: Yukiko Nakayama @ TEDxKyotoUniversity (Transcript)

Simple English for Everyone: Yukiko Nakayama @ TEDxKyotoUniversity (Transcript)

Yukiko Nakayama

Full transcript of Yukiko Nakayama’s talk: Simple English for Everyone @ TEDxKyotoUniversity conference.


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Hello, everyone. I came here today to talk about simple English that anyone can use.

I am a non-native speaker of English. I couldn’t speak English, I couldn’t write English, but now I can communicate to you what I am doing and why it is important.

In fact, I can write about difficult things. My job is to describe technologies. I write about LEDs, smartphones, or other complicated structures.

Simple English, meaning speaking or writing clear and plain English, has changed my communication and changed my entire career. My talk today is for all the non-native speakers of English, including Japanese, and those who are natives may also find my talk interesting by watching how non-natives struggle, and how your advanced English or our complicated English can be broken down into simple and clear English.

Let me start from my story. Back in 1993, I was at the university in Kyoto. I was bored, depressed, and I had no bright future. I studied English, but I couldn’t speak English, and life was not what I expected.

After university, I entered a company producing chemicals, and I did some translation from Japanese into English, but I was still bored and depressed. I had no fun at work. I couldn’t write good English, and life was difficult.

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