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Home » Want to Improve Your Memory – Do This Everyday: Krishan Chahal (Transcript)

Want to Improve Your Memory – Do This Everyday: Krishan Chahal (Transcript)

Full transcript of Krishan Chahal’s talk “Want to Improve Your Memory – Do This Everyday” @ TEDxMMUSadopurAmbala conference.


Listen to the MP3 Audio: Want to improve your memory – Do this everyday by Krishan Chahal @ TEDxMMUSadopurAmbala


Krishan Chahal – “Memory King”

Well, friends, we all know that our memory is the most important faculty of our mind. If you have a sharp memory you’ll have knowledge. And if you have knowledge, then there is no dearth of success in life. A powerful memory can change the entire course of our life.

But most of us are facing the problem of forgetting things. If I’ll ask you, how many of you feel that your memory is weak? Yes, yes, most of us. Most of us think so. I was of the same opinion friends, but when I came to know about the mechanism of memory, I have improved it dramatically — from my day-to-day life activity to the record-breaking level.

From memorizing a deck of playing cards, of 52 playing cards in less than a minute to memorizing the pi value. Most of us think pi is a 22 by 7 or it’s 3.14 and it does repeat after every 6 decimal places, but it’s a long-tail friends. It’s a 3.1415 and you’ll keep on counting itself, 9265358979323846264333832795028, and it’s 841971693993.. and so on up to infinity…thank you. Thank you very much.

I tried it — I memorized it up to 43,000 decimal places and then recalled it with 100% accuracy in 5 hours 21 minutes only. And believe me friends, if I can do it, all of you can do it. And not even pi you can memorize anything whatever you want to memorize and you can retain it for a long time as far as you want.

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