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Home » When Genius and Insanity Hold Hands: Ondi Timoner (Transcript)

When Genius and Insanity Hold Hands: Ondi Timoner (Transcript)

Ondi Timoner at TEDxKC

Following is the full transcript of American film director Ondi Timoner’s TEDx Talk: When Genius and Insanity Hold Hands @ TEDxKC conference.

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Ondi Timoner – American film director

Few hundred years ago, the lions and tigers were kings of the jungle, and then they wound up in zoos.

“I predict the same will happen to us.” Internet pioneer Josh Harris told me this from deep inside a bunker in Manhattan at the turn of the millennium.

He meant that we would herd ourselves into our own virtual boxes — our phones and computers and only realize once we’ve been enslaved. And he was right.

Most of us in this room can’t go about an hour without checking for messages and updates. Our every move is recorded and tracked. We’re never offline.

We’re overwhelmed by our email but concerned if the load lightens. Our so-forth rises and falls with the numbers of likes and comments we receive. In fact, research has shown that our brains release a hit of dopamine every time we post something personal about ourselves and receive attention from our social networks in return.

Josh Harris made millions in the 90s, forecasting internet trends and he even started the first Internet television network long before there was broadband. He was determined to spend his money to create a living social experiment that would give us all a vision of his — of our future online.

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