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Home » New Hope for Humans in an AI World: Louis Rosenberg (Transcript)

New Hope for Humans in an AI World: Louis Rosenberg (Transcript)

Louis Rosenberg at TEDxKC

Here is the full transcript of technologist Louis Rosenberg’s TEDx Talk: New Hope for Humans in an AI World @ TEDxKC 2017 conference.

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Louis Rosenberg – Technologist, Prolific Inventor, Entrepreneur, Writer

Wow! There’s a lot of smart people in this room. Really smart.

After all, every single one of you has about 85 billion neurons in your heads. And every one of those neurons is connected to thousands of others, which means there is over 100 trillion connections inside every human brain. It’s the system formed by these interconnected neurons that make you who you are. Not just your intelligence, your personality, your creativity, your values and morals, every one of us is a complex system of neurons. It’s remarkable.

After all, we humans are pretty damn smart. We’ve created art, science, literature, The Simpsons. What’s also remarkable is how quickly we got so smart.

If you go back just 2 million years, our brains were one third the size. We didn’t even have language, let alone math and physics. But then the evolutionary pressures got so intense that for us to survive, we had to become the smartest creatures on the planet.

So here we are, the most intelligent species on Earth. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, things are about to change. That’s because an alien intelligence is heading towards us at breakneck speed, and it will challenge our position as the intellectual top dog.

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