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Home » Dr. Cal Newport: Quit Social Media at TEDxTysons (Full Transcript)

Dr. Cal Newport: Quit Social Media at TEDxTysons (Full Transcript)

Dr Cal Newport at TEDxTysons

Here is the full transcript and summary of Georgetown Professor Dr. Cal Newport’s TEDx Talk: Quit Social Media at TEDxTysons Conference.

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Dr. Cal Newport – Computer Science Professor

All right. So you probably don’t realize that right now you’re actually looking at something quite rare, because I’m a millennial computer scientist, book author standing on a TED stage, and yet I’ve never had a social media account.

How this happened was actually somewhat random. Social media first came onto my radar when I was at college, my sophomore year of college. This was when Facebook arrived at our campus.

And at the time which was right after the first dot-com bust, I had had a dorm room business, I have had to shut it down in the bust. And then suddenly this other kid from Harvard named Mark had this product called Facebook and people were getting excited about it.

So sort of a fit of somewhat immature professional jealousy I said “I’m not going to use this thing, I’m not going to help this kid’s business; whatever that’s going to amount to.”

See, as I go along my life, I look up not long later and I see that everyone I know is really hooked on this thing. And from the clarity you can get when you have some objectivity, some perspective on it, I realized this seems a little bit dangerous. So I never signed up. I’ve never had a social media account since.

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