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Home » The Effects of Artificial Food Dyes: Dr. Rebecca Bevans (Transcript)

The Effects of Artificial Food Dyes: Dr. Rebecca Bevans (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Professor Dr. Rebecca Bevans’s talk titled “The Effects of Artificial Food Dyes” at TEDxCarsonCity 2016 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


The Journey of a Mother

Imagine holding your brand new baby. The awe and joy of that moment, all you can think of are the wonderful possibilities of their future. And then, seven years later, you’re looking into the screaming, crying face of a seven-year-old who tells you that he just wants to die. What would you do?

I have three degrees in psychology, am a professor and a researcher, and I felt helpless. I knew I had to look for answers. His life depended on it. In 2005, I gave birth to our son. He was a happy, healthy, easy-going baby. He became a curious infant who developed into a fun and inquisitive toddler. He was full of life, and he loved everyone.

By the time he was three, he was energetic, enthusiastic, and into everything. Our nickname for him was our “crazed lunatic monkey.” We thought that’s just who he was, constantly on the go, into everything and all over the place. His self-esteem was fantastic, and he had a ton of confidence. He was so excited to go to school.

The First Signs

During the second week of kindergarten, his teacher pulled me aside and suggested that he had ADHD. I was shocked. His preschool never said anything like that. I mean, yes, he was interested in a lot of things, and yes, he was enthusiastic.

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