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The Evolution Of Machine Learning In 2019

As we all know, Machine Learning has become a trending topic within both the tech field and, also, from a business point of view. Many are the companies who are actively looking into automating their warehouses, their tools and also (surprisingly) their management.

To break down machine learning’s trends isn’t the easiest task, but let’s see what the major trends will be throughout this whole year.

Automotive ML

Companies like TESLA and Volvo are definitely leading the market when it comes to automotive innovation: there have been, in fact, significant investments within the ML (machine learning) topic, especially for what concerns its application in the trending topic that is known as “the driverless experience”.

TESLA’s autopilot, in fact, is using a pretty advanced form of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithm which basically runs projections in real time based on what the installed sensors (currently version 3) are gathering from the surroundings. ML is definitely a major topic and, since the driverless experience is set to be an industry standard before 2030, it will definitely be considered from a business point of view throughout this year.

Website Personalization

Another major topic that has been highly impacted by Machine Learning as a whole would definitely be related to big data and, consequently, data science. Web personalization is that branch of web development which focuses on creating tools which are able to optimise listings, catalogues and websites in general onto such data gathered by cookies, emails and surveys.

This is extremely important since every major player within the digital field is trying to bypass SEO and PPC-related techniques in order to boost their UX and, most importantly, their Conversion Rate. Many top players within the fast fashion industry are utilising web personalization tools, Zara in particular. This is extremely important from an industry insight point of view, as it basically states the fact that Zara is the most technologically advanced company within the field.

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