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Home » The Formula for Breakthrough Growth: Andrew Ballard (Transcript)

The Formula for Breakthrough Growth: Andrew Ballard (Transcript)

Andrew Ballard at TEDxSnoIsleLibraries

Here is the full text of growth strategist Andrew Ballard’s talk titled “The Formula for Breakthrough Growth” at TEDxSnoIsleLibraries. In this talk he believes that personal and professional breakthroughs can be achieved through the application of a simple formula.

Andrew Ballard is author of “Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter” and operates a research-based growth strategies company, Marketing Solutions, with his wife and CEO Sandra Ballard.


I’m here today because there’s something I want. There’s something I want for you. You, too.

I want it for you because I found it for myself, and that’s breakthrough growth. I’m talking about life-changing success.

Have you ever wondered why some people and some organizations achieve just remarkable success?

Well, I always have, and from 25 years of researching and working with successful leaders and organizations, I discovered that most of them have three common traits. So I put them into a formula.

But before going there, we need to address the enemy in the room. Status quo is the enemy of success. And I think the reason so many people feel content with the way things are and avoid change is because of fear, specifically, the fear of failure, and that’s because of our relationship with failure.

But failure is not the absence of success. It’s part of achieving success.

So, how would you approach life differently if you knew you couldn’t fail? Just think about what you could accomplish, the impact you could have on your family and your business, even your entire community.

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