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Home » The Language of Desire – Dirty Words to Make Him Yours by Felicity Keith [Full Transcript)

The Language of Desire – Dirty Words to Make Him Yours by Felicity Keith [Full Transcript)

The Language of Desire ebook

Felicity Keith, the author of The Language of Desire, talks on the LOD ebook, the manual for the erotic minds of men.

Listen to the Audio MP3 here: The Language of Desire – How to Talk Dirty to Your Man by Felicity Keith


Felicity Keith – Author, Language of Desire

Hi, I am Felicity Keith. And right here right now I am going to teach you a naughty erotic secret about men. Even the nicest, shyest most innocent woman can use, to get a man more turned on and desperate for you than he’s ever been in his entire life. Once you learn the naughty erotic secret like thousands of ecstatic women have you will see a sudden fire of lust in his eyes even if he barely looks at you now. He will shiver with need for you and only you, distracted and sweaty, unable to think of anyone or anything but your lips, your body, your skin.


And as you turn up the heat, you will feel the magic happen, as he worships you as his own personal erotic goddess and can’t even look at or think about other girls. So you become the star of his every private fantasy.

And so finally, even though this might sound unbelievable, it becomes too much and he just can’t resist anymore. He grabs you in his strong arms, he rips the buttons off your blouse with his teeth, loses all control, ravishes you like you’re in a romance novel and whispers how amazing you are as you make intense, astonishing, joyful love, eyes and heart open, connected. Feeling every in your body tingle. And smiling because you know every dirty glorious thought in his mind for the first time ever is focused entirely on you.

I know this sounds fantastic and hot and a little unbelievable right now. But I promise woman to woman even if you are shy or if you are a good girl who feels this silent need to be just a little naughty, you are going to learn right now why the mind is the only erogenous zone on a man that matters, and how to make your man or any man desperate to be yours and only yours as long as you want him.

Who the heck am I to make such an amazing promise? Like I said, my name is Felicity Keith and no, I’m not a stripper or a Sexpert or a nymphomaniac or anything like that. If you saw me at the supermarket you’d just see a regular forty-ish, slightly-overweight single mom. But that’s not what my boyfriend, Kevin, sees at all.

When he looks at me, he sees his lover he could never live without. Even though just 18 months ago, I thought we were doomed. That I was going to be heartbroken and alone again.

A Personal Story

Warning: I am about to tell you is a very personal story that might trigger some very intense emotions in you, and I am only sharing it with you because I think you will feel a pang of terrible recognition at what happened to me. And I just think the lesson of what happened could transform your life and your relationships with men forever. But only if you listen closely right now before it’s too late.

“Talk dirty to me,” he said on our one-year anniversary. We were in bed making love. I felt a rush of panic in my chest.

Fear. “Tell me how you feel”, he grunted again, and I felt my mouth go dry. My heart racing as I panicked and my mind went totally blank.

What did he want me to say? What did he want me to do?

And finally, awkwardly I opened my mouth and whispered, “Your penis feels really good.” Silence. Like a tumbleweed rolling across the street in the Old West. He didn’t ask again. He closed his eyes like he was concentrating and I wondered what he was thinking of. I wondered where he went. But the worst part happened later that night.

It was a little after two in the morning when I woke up and found the bed empty. I pulled on my robe and padded out to the living room, thinking he’d gone to get a drink of water or something. And then I heard a sound that sent a chill through my whole body — a female voice, moaning. My palms sweaty, I crept around the corner and saw him. The man I loved, Kevin sitting at the computer naked, touching himself.

We just made love a few hours before but here he was masturbating and watching porn. I’ve always wondered why guys do that. Why would you need to watch porn when you’ve got a real woman right there?

On the screen was a girl, not even a very pretty girl, not much prettier than me, touching herself and moaning and saying the dirtiest, naughtiest things. Things a good girl like me would never think of. Things I thought I could never make myself say. Even though I felt devastated and betrayed, I just couldn’t look away and then I looked at Kevin’s face and saw a smile like I’d never seen before. In a year together, I’d never seen him look so happy and masculine and satisfied. I know I don’t have to tell you how worthless and ugly I felt, how I felt like I could never measure up to his fantasies. I never even really knew he had, and I thought of the times we tried to experiment and I’d wanted him to try new things and he just grumbled like a sad puppy.

I acted like I was asleep when he came back to bed. Like I’d been asleep the whole time, burying my face in the pillow so he wouldn’t see the tears.

He spooned me and I shuddered and I had to bite my tongue so I didn’t tighten up. And I lay there for hours thinking and making a decision. I thought of how I looked in the mirror. I’d never be a supermodel. I’d never be 22 again, thank God. I’d never be a porn star and never wanted to be.

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