Oprah Winfrey’s 2015 Harry’s Last Lecture at Stanford University (Full Transcript)

Oprah Winfrey

Full text – Oprah Winfrey delivers 2015 Harry’s Last Lecture on a Meaningful Life at Stanford University

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Harry Elam – Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Stanford

Thank you and good evening. I am Professor Harry Elam, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Stanford.

And on behalf of the president and the provost, I welcome you to tonight’s very special Rathbun Lecture with our featured speaker, Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

Now, I got to tell you that you’re in for a special treat. She spoke to students this afternoon, and the generosity, the commitment, the concern she had in terms of the issues she spoke about touched all of us there and will touch you tonight.

The Harry and Amelia Rathbun Fund for Exploring What Leads to a Meaningful Life was made possible by an endowment established in 2006 by the Foundation for Global Community, which was directed by the Rathbuns’ son, Richard Rathbun.

“Harry’s Last Lecture,” as it’s affectionately been called, is the title tonight. And as someone named Harry, I think it’s a great name.

The Rathbun Fund supports the mission of the Office of Religious Life by helping students and others discover and reflect upon issues of meaning and purpose during their time of potentially monumental growth in character and spirit here at college.

In this day and age, when students are driven by the pace of technology and the pressures to achieve, the increasing concerns over employment after college, it is all the more important to have time to reflect, the space to think, not only about yourself but about the great world around you.

The Rathbun Fund has created both a timeless and timely opportunity to help Stanford deepen the student experience with a focus on thoughtful inquiry, the pursuit of ethical engagement, and a dedication to making the world a better place to live.

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And now to tell you more about the Rathbun Lecture and to introduce tonight’s esteemed speaker, it is my pleasure to introduce the Dean of Religious Life, Dr. Jane Shaw.

Dr. Jane Shaw – Dean of Religious Life

Welcome to Memorial Church, this extraordinary sacred space that Jane Stanford put at the heart of our campus, and welcome to the 2015 Rathbun Lecture.

All that we do here in this space, in the circle, which is our interfaith space, and at Windhover, our recently opened contemplation center, is designed to explore together as a body, as a community what it means to lead a meaningful life. In our work as the office for religious life, we encourage members of this university to explore both spirituality and religion. We support the working out of ethical values and we host discussions, arts events, and of course, worship, all designed to help us think and practice a meaningful life.

The Harry and Amelia Rathbun Fund for exploring what leads to such a meaningful life generously supports much of our work. It was made possible by an endowment established in 2006 by the Foundation for Global Community. The centerpiece is this visiting fellow program, which brings notable, experienced, and wise people to campus each year.

It is our pleasure this evening to welcome and thank the board members and participants in the Foundation for Global Community, many of whom are here with us tonight and some may be watching at home. And in particular, we warmly welcome Harry and Amelia’s son, Richard Rathbun, his wife Lacey, and their two children, Ryan and Milo. We’re so delighted you could join us tonight.

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