Apple Keynote Presentation October 2013 (Transcript only)

Apple’s October special event was held on October 22, 2013 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The event unveiled and showcased a number of new products, including iPad Air, all new Mac Pro, MacBook Pro with Retina displays with other powerful features, OS X Mavericks as well as the latest creativity and productivity apps iWork and iLife etc. In this eventful presentation, Apple CEO Tim Cook and others from the management team led the way in showcasing these products. Below is the full transcript of this Apple’s keynote presentation event.


Tim Cook – Chief Executive Officer, Apple Inc.

Thank you… thanks for joining us, and good morning. I really love that video. We played it for the first time at the Developers Conference in June and I wanted to open with that this morning because I think it does such an incredible job of talking about our values. It reflects the unique way that Apple creates what we believe are the very best products in the world. You’re going to see some amazing products this morning that could only have been developed in that unique way. We are really excited to show them to you but before we dive right in, I’ve got a few updates beginning with iPhone.

iPhone, iOS 7 Updates:

As you may have heard, we launched two new designs last month. We launched the amazing iPhone 5c in a range of gorgeous and vibrant colors. Harry McCracken of TIME Magazine called it the perfect example of hardware and software integration. And we announced the forward-thinking iPhone 5s with its blazing fast 64-bit A7 chip, a stunning iSight camera system, and of course, Touch ID.

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal called it the best smartphone on the market. And millions of people agree by the end of the launch weekend, we had sold 9 million iPhones making it the biggest iPhone launch ever. The excitement and energy around the launch was absolutely palpable. And there was no better place to witness it than in one of our retail stores. We prepared a brief video for you this morning to share that excitement with you and I’d love to run it for you.

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[Video Presentation]

I know I can speak for everyone in Apple that when we see customer response like this, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Both new iPhones shipped with iOS 7, a bold new redesign with great new features and the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone. The reviews have been tremendous.

David Pogue of the New York Times called it some of Apple’s best work. And millions of customers, hundreds of millions of customers agreed. They love the bold new redesign and the stunning new features. We made the updates easy and quick to get in just five days after launch over 200 million devices were running iOS 7, making it the biggest and fastest software upgrade ever. And I’m pleased to tell you that as of today, nearly two-thirds of the devices are running iOS 7. Now, this is tremendous, it blows away the other guys. And we love this because it makes – it gives our users the latest software so they can enjoy the greatest features and the best possible experience.

One of the great new features that shipped with iOS 7 was iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is a fun and easy way to discover and explore new music. And it runs on iOS devices but also in your Mac or PC through iTunes and even on your Apple TV. Artists loves iTunes Radio. Justin Timberlake called it an amazing way to discover new music and debut his album on iTunes Radio. Now, even more importantly, customers love it. We now have had over 20 million users listen in on iTunes Radio and this number continues to grow. And they’ve been really active. They’ve listened to over a billion songs. And this is just in the U.S. in the last month. It’s absolutely fantastic.

App Store updates:

Next stop, the App Store. The App Store continues to grow in size and scope. We now have over a million apps on the App Store and our users have downloaded an astonishing 60 billion times. Now, this is staggering, and the App Store continues to be the best place for developers to be rewarded for their creativity. Developers have now earned over $13 billion. It’s hard to imagine your life without these phenomenal apps. It’s been an enormous sea change.

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Mac updates:

Next stop, the Mac. We have an amazing lineup of desktops and notebooks. And we’ve had one focus since the beginning to build the best personal computers in the world, computers that people just love to use. And we’ve done that through a combination of incredible hardware and beautiful design coupled with OS X, the world’s most advanced desktop operating system and apps like iWork and iLife, phenomenal apps for your productivity and creativity. And Mac just works seamlessly with all of your iOS devices with iCloud. And all of this comes together in this really delightful experience that our users just love.

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