The Maximum Number of NOs + More Numbers of New Mistakes = Unstoppable

I have gained more confident the more “NO”s I am receiving from others. Every single “NO” makes me refine and rebuild my caliber. There was indeed unfamiliar chemicals inside my body and mind, during those initial phases of getting familiar with the rejections.

In the process of figuring it out the best version of myself, I was able to break through this epic definition.

“The maximum numbers of NOs + More numbers of new Mistakes = Unstoppable”.

I was literally broke with zero sources of income after I left the beautiful journey of few jobs (2005 – the beginning of 2019). I am being convinced by the Universe based on the below bold points:

  1. How about I learn and teach myself to lead my own life depending totally on my decision(s).
  2. How about I create my own beliefs and principles that are uneasy and meaningful to follow them.
  3. How about I depend on my limited skills and earn my living.
  4. How about I build more meaningful connections.
  5. How about I unlearn the previous less meaningful old beliefs & lessons.

The journey had begun with lots of BIG FAT NOs from the existing connections, and few of my damn dear friends told me that “Why did you quit that job from that awesome company?”, “I used to be super selfish thinking only about my job and salary. I need to use my energy and time to create jobs and opportunities for others.”

I have answered them, I can feel and see their thought processes inside their head after they heard my answer.

I had a BIG FAT SMILE within me and headed to a nearby public library. I gained a few invaluable insights from some senior citizens (Ex Indian Armies). We have also exchanged our contact numbers. I boarded a metro train and headed to my room and re-valuing the amazing new connections I made today.

A few months back, I must be in front of my office desktop and getting engaged with the official works. I reached home and listen to a few audiobooks with strong black coffee. It’s been a few years, I have been growing organic vegetables and fruits on the terrace garden, and some serious work is going on for my new “Hydroponics” project. I can instantly get a huge amount of positive energy whenever I am with my tiny garden. I talked to those plants literally and played few collections by GARTH CULTI-VADER from YouTube. (Thanks to Google).

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The next morning, after my daily dose of endorphins in the woods, and swimming pool, I was preparing healthy breakfast. (It was Friday, and I fed my body only fruits during the breakfast and lunch).

There was a call from my Unhappy Landlord demanding the two months rents. He looks pretty rich, with multiple sources of income; his son is currently based in Germany. He got a beautiful wife and daughter too. Why he looks so Unhappy, and why he is frustrated when I failed to pay the rent on time. What’s wrong with him???

“Cheer up, Uncle! I just cracked a new freelancer digital marketing deal with Lamborghini dealers. Come on, Uncle, I have been in this building for more than 3 years. Do you think, I feel comfortable when my rent is making you pretty sad? Let’s watch out our blood pressures!!! One of my mentors just passed away due to a massive heart attack last week. (RIP Sir). We all have to go one day. So, allow me a few weeks, I will fix this. Is your son enjoying his time out there in Germany?”

Then, he smiled back and ready to narrate me a long happy story for his son. (My intention was to get a little smile on his Unhappy face; I did it).

I was trying to make a few audio and video calls, seeking some loan from my near and dear ones. Another round of BIG FAT NOs from them, I loved it.

Then, I played a few loud heavy metal songs and hit the shower. I came out super fresh and hit the pause button on the music player app.

Here, I get some more calls from the banks and demanding their credit cards outstanding amounts. “It’s my duty to pay the outstanding amount on time, and it’s your duty to follow up with your customers, we should not have this conversation, we could have saved up our energy if I paid the outstanding amount on time. But I do not have any source at the moment. Your Bank’s last year value was US$13 billion, and doing still great. I am so happy for you. I got another call, and I will call you back in a few days with transaction details. I hung up the call”.

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I dressed up, and headed to a nearby Hilton for a business meet up, (obviously it was free registration), and connected with some great business owners, some of them passed me their physical business cards. I requested their contact number and shared my virtual business cards, (doing my bit for the environment-friendly, in other words, broke and I can’t afford to print out a few business cards).

During this entire journey, I was able to recreate the bigger definition of self-discipline and willpower. I love you back sincerely to everyone who had gifted me with BIG FAT NOs, I would not be able to make new more mistakes without their negative or zero response. I get enough elements to hunt out more opportunities and the journey become truly meaningful.

I was truly blessed to have some buddies who are willing to extend all the possible help without expecting zero returns from me. They keep helping me without me covering up the previous favor too. They are the Genuine Givers, and I am sure that, Universe will offer me some opportunities where I could help them back with meaningful elements. (We haven’t coined yet the beautiful words to thank them enough). Please allow me to do something meaningful for you all.


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