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Home » The People Currency: Practicing Emotional Intelligence – Jason Bridges (Transcript)

The People Currency: Practicing Emotional Intelligence – Jason Bridges (Transcript)

Full text and summary of Jason Bridges’ talk titled “The People Currency: Practicing Emotional Intelligence” at TEDxWabashCollege conference. In this talk, Jason shares his personal journey of discovering EQ after a life-altering accident and highlight the value of connecting with people at a deeper level, reading body language, and practicing empathy.

Listen to the audio version here:


So I’m a big movie buff. I love me some sci-fi. There’s a great scene from a sci-fi movie where Tim Robbins is in. The movie title and the story and the plot doesn’t really matter for this example.

There’s a great scene where he has to go in to interrogate somebody. So right before he goes in to question them, he takes an empathy pill. This heightens his senses. And when he questions the person, it only takes a couple minutes. He knows everything they’re going to do. He knows what their next move is, what they’re thinking, if they’re lying or not.

I love this scene for a lot of reasons. I watch it a lot because I’m a sci-fi geek. I watch my movies over and over again. Every time I see it, it makes me think, we can do this right now. We don’t need an empathy pill. We can connect with people at a higher level to where maybe we don’t need to interrogate them, but we know where they’re coming from.

Empathy. Reading their body language. All the things that encompass emotional intelligence. We’re in a people economy. Our currency is people. The relationships we build at our schools, at our work, our community, our churches, at home, that’s what’s important.

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