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Life is Your Talents Discovered by Sir Ken Robinson at TEDxLiverpool (Transcript)

Sir Ken Robinson

Educator Sir Ken Robinson’s TEDx Talk: Life is Your Talents Discovered at TEDxLiverpool…

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I’ve just had to mention this as the Beatles become a theme, that I interviewed Paul McCartney for the “Element.” That’s it. Anyway, Paul McCartney or Paul — I’m just saying — went to Liverpool Institute, which is now LIPA, that was where he went, I went to the Collegiate on the other end of Hope Street. I asked Paul McCartney — I helped a little bit with LIPA in the early days of Mark Featherstone which is the team we got back together. It’s a fantastic school by the way. Mark’s done a wonderful job.

I asked Paul McCartney if he had enjoyed music at school. And he said no, he hadn’t. I said: “Did your music teacher think you had any talent?” He said, “No.” He does, doesn’t he?

One of the other people in the same music program at school, a couple of years younger, was George Harrison. And I asked Paul if he thought that teacher thought George had any talent. He said, “No.”

So I said, “Well, look…” — because part of my argument is that talents are often buried, you have to go looking for it, and create the conditions for it. So I said: “Well, would this be a fair comment that there was just one music teacher in Liverpool, in the late 1950s, who had half the Beatles in his class — and he missed it?”

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