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Home » The Secret To Getting Better Sleep Tonight: James Leinhardt (Transcript)

The Secret To Getting Better Sleep Tonight: James Leinhardt (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of posture specialist James Leinhardt’s talk titled “The Secret To Getting Better Sleep Tonight” at TEDxManchester 2024 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


We have three things in common, all of us here. We all have a spine, we all sleep, and when we were about five years old, and we were playing as children, grandma used to scream, “Posture!” And all of us would sit up straight. And that fear of grandma screaming that word, even to world-leading influencers, doctors who are sat on the front row slouching.

Right now, where is he? Dr. C? We’ve seen you, even though you’re amazing. So why do we? Because everyone in the room has been slouching. Liam at the backstage doing the sound all day, has literally been like this, doing his sound, because it’s comfy. Posture is the eternal fight against gravity.

The Difference Between Sitting and Sleeping

And sitting up like this, although grandma’s watching, she’s very disappointed in some of you. This is really hard. Where is this? Oh yeah, get me back here.

This is the good spot. The thing that grandma may be missed, was that if posture is the eternal fight against gravity, then really, we need to consider our sleep. It’s great and it’s comfy, and the beauty and the difference between sitting and sleeping, or standing and sleeping, we remember wearing a book on our heads and doing this very nicely, is that you’re already asleep. That’s the best bit.

When you’re uncomfortable in these positions, and this is really my go-to for TV watching, the second you become uncomfortable, you move, because you’re awake. The difference with sleep is significant. I’m going to show and prove it to you now.

You will have all at some point in your lives, either sat in the back of a car and gone like this, or come to a TED and heard someone like me talk, and done that. And within 10 minutes you wake up, and your neck feels like it’s going to burn off. Why didn’t you wake up then?

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