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Home » Tony Verheij: How to Find The Right Partner at TEDxTwenteU (Transcript)

Tony Verheij: How to Find The Right Partner at TEDxTwenteU (Transcript)

Tony Verheij

Full transcript of Tony Verheij’s TEDx Talk: How to find the right partner at TEDxTwenteU conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: how-to-find-the-right-partner-by-tony-verheij-at-tedxtwenteu


Tony Verheij – Author, Love Guide

So how many of you believe in love at first sight? Thank you. I let you know that when it comes to love, we think exactly — we still think exactly the same as the Neanderthal. We just have a slightly different mating ritual.

My name is Tony Verheij and today I will tell you the secrets: how to find the right partner right now.

And I’m having a dream marriage, and I’m waking up next to my dream every morning. And I’m living with my dream for almost 10 years. And we’re still madly in love. And that got me wondering: why are there so few people truly happy after 10 years?

So I started to investigate. I read books, I visited seminars. And how many of you have read the book of John Gray: Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus?

This is my second presentation ever, so have a little bit patience and I see the clock ticking. But John Gray — he has a real great explanation about how love and attraction works from the past and the present but he has no real solution for the future. So today I will talk to you about the future of love, about your future.

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