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Home » Tough Decisions – Use Your Heart: Alison Meyer at TEDxBerkeley (Transcript)

Tough Decisions – Use Your Heart: Alison Meyer at TEDxBerkeley (Transcript)

Alison Meyer

Alison Meyer – TRANSCRIPT

We all have wisdom, wisdom deep inside us, wisdom that we can tap into in a few calm moments. “But Alison, I don’t have a few calm moments. In fact I have no calm moments!”

“OK, I hear you; I get it.”

So I invite you for the next few minutes, journey with me on an exploration of what it might be like to give yourself those few calm moments. Especially in tough times, especially when you have a thorny problem you just can’t decide what to do about. But before I share with you and take you on this journey, I want to share a bit of my story, two stories of times when I faced difficult challenges.

My mother always said from the time I was one year old, I was trying to catch up to my older sister. Here’s a picture she took around that time: in the back, it’s my brother on my dad’s lap, the beautiful little girl on your right is my sister Cecily, and the little baby pushing up on her arms, and going, “What’s going on? What’s going on?”, that’s me.

So it was like this pretty much throughout our childhood. I watched how she was, and I loved just how accomplished she was, and my parents thought she was amazing, and I thought she was amazing. I couldn’t do anything like her. I remember when our brother was getting married when we were teenagers.

I went down to Cost Plus, and I bought this really beautiful vase, and I was very proud of it. My sister made them a quilt by hand. It took her a year. So in her late 20s, when she was diagnosed with cancer, I felt helpless. I didn’t know anything about medicine. She was living in New York, and I didn’t know what to do.

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