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Dr. Joe Dispenza, the New York Times best-selling author, talks on how to reframe our consciousness in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Notable Quote:

“In a time when there’s separation, in a time when there’s isolation, when there’s a time, when there’s some quarantine, I said to my community, ‘Oh! No, no, no! This is a time for us to unify!’ We have to unify as a community and we have to then in a new consciousness in a non-local way, create a greater understanding and unify in this time.

And it’s love that bonds us. The frequency, the energy of love is what creates connection. And we have to just get here. And so this is the time in history, now, where a new consciousness has to be born and it’s not one individual, we don’t need to see one another to connect. We could connect when we open our hearts.

And we know how to apply brain and heart coherence, and wow, now you’re empowered. And in the practice of doing this is no different than anything you practice. You keep doing it. You’re just going to get better at it. And that’s what I want people to do is – step out in their life in a greater level of consciousness and stop believing that they’re limited, stuck, unconsciously thinking something out there is going to get them, that’s a lot of limitation.

And it doesn’t say to not be careful, I’m just saying I wouldn’t give my power away to that. I wouldn’t give it away. And if I’m eternal, well this is a time to actually try it out, demonstrate to see if it’s true!”- Dr. Joe Dispenza


Brian Rose: This is London Real. I am Brian Rose. My guest today is Dr.Joe Dispenza, the New York Times bestselling author, international lecturer, researcher and educator.

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Your work on neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics explores the science behind spontaneous remissions and is driven by the conviction that everyone has the potential for greatness.

The world is now gripped by the coronavirus pandemic and global lockdown. And we are here to discuss how your teachings can boost the immune system and reframe our consciousness. Your work helping me process my own trauma is featured in our fifth documentary feature film ‘RECONNECT’ which of course is free to watch on Reconnectmovie.com.

Dr. Joe! Welcome back to London Real. It’s great to have you here.

JOE DISPENZA: I’m always happy to be with you, Brian!

BRIAN ROSE: And again Joe, thank you so much for being a part of that movie. I know we kind of roped you into that, as I was dealing with my personal traumas and things going on in my life. But it was so epic having you there – reframing that stuff. So thank you for that. And if anybody wants to watch that you can go to our website.

Joe, these are interesting times we’re living in now. And you were one of the first guys I thought of when it comes to try to, I don’t know reframe what’s going on and try to put this in perspective. There’s a lot of people out there that are finding this challenging and difficult. There’s a lot of fear. And I’m just so glad you’re here.

And I wanted to know what do you think is most important for us to think about or concentrate on in these challenging times?

JOE DISPENZA: Well, I mean these are amazing times. In order for us to wake up, we need a wake-up call! And if you can frame the circumstances to see that’s an opportunity for everybody to pause and retreat from their lives and by removing the constant stimulation in their external environment… That reminds them of who they think they are as a personality. They’re not going to the same places or not seeing the same people. They’re not doing the same things. And they’re actually confined to kind of a personalized retreat in the comfort of their own home.

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Now the beauty behind this is who you’re going to emerge as. And sure the conditions in our environment are causing us to be uncertain. And in uncertainty when things… we can’t predict certain things, we move from everything that’s predictable and known to this realm called the unknown. And if we’re truly going to make a difference in the world, we have to be creative.

The problem is that when we are threatened by circumstances in our external environment, our response to those circumstances causes us to move into a very primitive state – a response from the autonomic nervous system, that drives the body into what’s called the ‘sympathetic response/ a fight-or-flight response’.

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