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Home » Transcript: My Life Started When They Said It Was Over – Elin Kjos

Transcript: My Life Started When They Said It Was Over – Elin Kjos

Here is the summary, full text, and audio of Elin Kjos’s talk titled “My Life Started When They Said It Was Over” at TEDxKI conference.

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This talk is a powerful narrative about Elin’s journey through a life-changing diagnosis of incurable lung cancer and her subsequent transformation in mindset and approach to life. The talk emphasizes the importance of living life to the fullest, embracing the present moment, and choosing love, gratitude, and peace over fear and uncertainty. Elin shares her experiences of facing the diagnosis, going through treatments, and making the conscious decision to focus on inner healing, self-love, and embracing life’s uncertainties.


Elin Kjos – Sports Trainer

I was supposed to be dead right now. At least according to the statistics and what I was told almost on this day, two years ago, when I was sitting in a doctor’s office at Karolinska Hospital, just a few minutes away from here, a day that changed my life forever.

This was me. I was living my best life at that time. I had plans of starting my own family. I had a blooming career, working within health and fitness, a job that I loved. And I had also started another business on the side of a regular job. And I felt motivated to keep building and improving that year.

Life was finally falling into place. I also coached group training at least 10 hours a week, late nights, early mornings. And I went to the gym every day as well for my own training.

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