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Home » Transcript: The 8 Principles of Transforming Your Relationship With Money: Thuli Sithole

Transcript: The 8 Principles of Transforming Your Relationship With Money: Thuli Sithole

Here is the full text (plus summary) and audio of Thuli Sithole’s talk titled “The 8 Principles of Transforming Your Relationship With Money” at TEDxLytteltonWomen conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


In this talk, Thuli Sithole discusses principles related to transforming one’s relationship with money. She outlines several key concepts to help individuals improve their financial mindset and create a more abundant life:

  1. Taking Responsibility for Your Life: Sithole emphasizes that your current circumstances and experiences are a result of your own thought processes and emotions. She highlights the importance of understanding that you have the power to shape your life through your thoughts and actions.
  2. Understanding Your Identity and Purpose: You’re encouraged to recognize your true identity beyond societal roles, such as mother or wife. Sithole advises defining your purpose and setting clear goals to maintain focus and direction in life.
  3. Clearing Clutter: Clearing physical and emotional clutter from your life creates space for new energy, opportunities, and abundance to enter. Sithole emphasizes the positive impact of decluttering your environment and your mind.
  4. Letting Go of Emotional Baggage: Unresolved emotional issues and negative beliefs can hinder your progress. Sithole encourages identifying and releasing emotional baggage to create a positive mindset and attract positive outcomes.
  5. Forgiving and Gratitude: Forgiveness is discussed as a way to release emotional burdens and free oneself from negativity. Expressing gratitude for even the smallest things helps shift your focus toward positivity and abundance.
  6. Embracing Positive Thinking: Sithole discusses the power of positive thoughts and affirmations to shift your mindset. By maintaining a positive outlook, you can attract positive experiences and opportunities.
  7. Understanding Money as Energy: Money is seen as a form of energy, and its flow into your life can be influenced by your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Sithole stresses that by aligning your energy and mindset with abundance, you can attract financial success.
  8. Creating Smart Goals: Setting goals is essential for maintaining focus and direction in life. Sithole suggests writing down your goals, understanding your intentions, and consistently reviewing them to stay on track.
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All in all, Sithole underscores the interconnectedness of thoughts, emotions, actions, and outcomes in creating a fulfilling and abundant life. The principles she outlines encourage individuals to take control of their mindset and actions to transform their relationship with money and achieve financial well-being.

To learn more in depth, read the transcript below:


Thuli Sithole – International Speaker

I’m going to talk to you, of course, in big bold letters, Women and Money. And I will tell you how I came to want to talk about this, how this is something that means so much to me. I didn’t just go pick it up from a textbook and decide I’m going to regurgitate what I read. This was a personal experience for me.

And with that, I’m going to share with you the eight principles of transforming women’s relationship, meaning your relationship, with money, including the men. But men tend to be better at money than we are, I’ll tell you why.

Now how I came about to figure this out, this whole women and money thing, and what goes on. Why is it that women don’t have as much money as men? Why are we so emotional about money?

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I woke up with excruciating pain, a toothache. Out of the blue, I had such a bad toothache. And I thought, I wonder what happens.

I went to a dentist, had a dental checkup, and the dentist was telling me that my wisdom tooth on top is growing down and there’s no other tooth at the bottom to counter it, meaning it will just keep on growing until something comes up. So the solution is to extract it.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I’m terrified of tooth extraction, so terrified. I’ve given birth to two boys, naturally without painkillers, but tooth extraction for me was like no waste. I’m not going to do it.

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Went for a second opinion, same thing. Eventually, I decided, let me continue with the mouth rinse that was prescribed to me. I was on strong painkillers, every two hours I was on painkillers. And I’m not one person who takes painkillers, I believe in homeopathic medicine, so taking painkillers. The first time I took two disc sprints, I started seeing stars. I was actually high on disc sprints.

But anyway, knowing the type of work that I do, I’m a coach, I do a whole lot of metaphysical stuff. I went to look up what is a toothache, and a toothache means that I’m indecisive. I thought, okay, I’m at this point in my life, I think everything is perfect, so what am I indecisive about?

And I thought, and I thought, and every now and again, whenever you ask questions, whenever you set questions out to God, God answers you, in ways that you don’t expect, but you’ve got to be willing to listen.

So I listened, and I took it in, and I realized that I’m indecisive. I just got into a new relationship, and I realized that the moment I got into this relationship, my money just started going down, just down.

And I thought, okay, I want to work hard, I want to be a career woman, but also another part of me just wants to be taken care of. I want to be treated and spoiled and everything, I just want to be those girls whose men buy them Louis Vuitton bags, like really, I’m tired of working, tired of being a single mom.

And I realized that this was my battle. Now that I have started something here, subconsciously, I want to be taken care of, and I no longer want to take care of the money, and that’s where my emotions are intertwined, and I wasn’t decisive around that.

Money and Love For Me

But with that, is that money and love for me has always been a balancing act. And that’s got to go in the past, when I was young, my father was a hard-working man who was a surgeon, never at home, always on call, every single day, and as a young girl, I wanted the love and affection of my father.

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