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Home » We Construct our Reality: Rory O’Carroll at TEDxYouth@TheSpire (Transcript)

We Construct our Reality: Rory O’Carroll at TEDxYouth@TheSpire (Transcript)

Rory O’Carroll

Rory O’Carroll – TRANSCRIPT

I just want to start off and give you a bit of advice. First of all, you need to be intelligent.

Why do you need to be intelligent? Because you need to get a good degree to get a good job to earn good money. That way, you can be successful. Don’t moan about it because that’s the reality, so you have to accept it. That’s the reality we live in today so just accept it and stop moaning about it. I want you to take that advice, and I want you to leave it over here.

Leave it over there for the moment. I’m going to talk about social constructionism. What if I told you that we can create our own reality? We can construct the reality for ourselves. We can construct this ourselves through the concept of social constructionism. So, what is it? Social constructionism is a mental creation; the fact that reality is just in our mind, it’s created.

The only reason we see this as a bottle is because we called it a bottle, and when we called it a bottle, that means it’s subjective. There is no objective truth, there is only subjectivity. Because we’re calling it a bottle, we don’t call it other things. I visit Berlin, I have a great time, I come back. The reality for Berlin is how I see it, what I experience.

Each and every interpretation are experiences of what you experience is true to yourself and unique to yourself. We can’t experience everything because that’s impossible so there are realities created for us. How are these realities created for us? Through conversation. People that haven’t been to Berlin before ask, “Sinéad, what’s Berlin like?” She tells them, they read on the media, they look at films and see books, and the reality is created for them. For example, I looked at the film “The Beach”, I loved Leonardo DiCaprio.

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