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Home » Turning Impossible to Possible: Zoe Terry at TEDxYouth@Miami (Transcript)

Turning Impossible to Possible: Zoe Terry at TEDxYouth@Miami (Transcript)


Hello! Have you ever been told you would not be able to do something? Have you ever felt that being different was bad? Have you ever tried something and failed? I can fortunately answer yes to all those questions. Yes.

I know, those are not very good thoughts. It all depends how you look at it. My name is Zoe Terry. And I’m here to share with you how I turned my impossible to possible. I am nine years old.

And in my time here, I had to deal with some stuff. When I was just two years old, my mommy found out that I had a stroke. The stroke affected me doing jumping jacks, learning how to ride my bike, and the way I moved my body. It also affected how I speak. My words sometimes run together, and people can’t always understand me.

My mommy put me in therapy. I was there like all the time. It made me stronger. They said I would have trouble doing things that other kids do. My mommy was worried, and I believe she was scared, but she would never tell me that.

I was not worried or scared. You see, they didn’t know who I really was. I felt in my heart that I can do whatever I want so long as I gave it my best. That’s what I did. I wanted to do everything.

I wanted to dance so my mom put me in dance. I wanted to play tennis so my mom put me in tennis. I wanted to do aerial, so, you guessed it; my mom put me in aerial. I do all of those things now. Those things were not easy when I first started.

They were actually hard. I would get mad that I was not as good as the other kids. I did not make the dance competition team, I did not win my tennis matches, and when I first started riding my bike, I would fall off all the time. I would cry. There were even times I wanted to stop.

But I didn’t Monday, I grind Tuesday, I grind Wednesday, I grind I kept going. I got stronger, and I got better. Guess what? I can now do jumping jacks. I can ride my bike. I can twirl like a graceful ballerina, I can hang from the silk ropes in aerial. I also like to think that I’m a great tennis player.

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