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Home » We Grow Into The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Aaron Maniam (Transcript)

We Grow Into The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Aaron Maniam (Transcript)

Full text of poet Aaron Maniam’s talk: We grow into the stories we tell ourselves at TEDxSingapore conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Aaron Maniam – Poet

What’s your earliest memory? Think about it. Don’t tell anyone. I know, usually we ask people to talk to their neighbor at this point but don’t do that this time; keep it to yourself. Hold it quiet and precious.

I’ll ask you again about it later. My earliest memories are of being read to by my parents, when I was very young, of going on long adventures with them; being told stories and being taken to places I hadn’t seen before.

Later on, I started creating stories of my own. Sometimes I drew them, not very well, but every now and then I would find words for them. And eventually I realized that creating stories was something that was going to string together every part of my life.

And initially, I thought that I was alone in this. Well, perhaps me and a small number of other eccentric Mavericks who dare to call themselves writers. But recently, I’ve realized that I’m not alone in it.

And the reason I’ve realized I’m not alone, it’s this young lady. Amelia is my niece. She’s going on two years old. And in the last few months, she’s got much more interested in active play. She’s been playing with blocks, trains, dolls; all manner of things.

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