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Home » What Can We Do About ‘Evil AI’? – Staffan Truvé (Transcript)

What Can We Do About ‘Evil AI’? – Staffan Truvé (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Staffan Truvé’s talk titled “What Can We Do About ‘Evil AI’?” at TEDxGöteborg conference.

In his talk “What Can We Do About ‘Evil AI’?”, Staffan Truvé discusses the rapid advancement of machine intelligence and its potential to surpass human abilities in many tasks. He highlights the dual nature of AI, emphasizing its power to amplify both beneficial and malicious activities. Truvé reflects on the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, such as ransomware and deepfakes, facilitated by AI technologies, pointing out the commoditization of cybercrime tools on dark web markets.

He stresses the importance of developing AI as a tool against malicious uses, advocating for the creation of AI systems capable of detecting and countering threats, including deepfakes. Truvé also underscores the challenge of regulating AI development and use, arguing for a balance that ensures AI’s safety, fairness, and transparency without stifling technological progress.

He advocates for collaborative efforts among good actors to counteract the advantages held by malicious users of AI. Ultimately, Truvé calls for a comprehensive approach to AI that combines technological innovation with ethical considerations and regulatory measures to mitigate the risks posed by ‘Evil AI’.

Listen to the audio version here:


We live in extremely exciting times, in case you haven’t noticed. And why is that? Well, if you look back for thousands, hundreds of thousands of years, humans have been evolving very, very slowly. Every now and then, there is a good mutation, but essentially we’re pretty much the same.

Machines, on the other hand, are following an exponential curve. And we haven’t really noticed it for a long time, but now we’re starting to see it. So what’s happening with machines, and in particular machine intelligence, is that it’s coming to a point that for many tasks, if you have enough resources and a well-enough defined job to do, machines will outperform humans. So we’re getting closer and closer to this magic point where they will actually supersede us in many cases.

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