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Home » Cisco Keynote at 2014 International CES by CEO John Chambers (Transcript)

Cisco Keynote at 2014 International CES by CEO John Chambers (Transcript)

John Chambers

Cisco CEO John Chambers shared a keynote address at the recently held 2014 International CES conference in Las Vegas. In his address, John shared the Cisco vision for the Internet of Everything or IoE, which he defined as networked connection of people, processes, data and things. And here we bring you the full transcript of the keynote below…

Speaker: Ladies and gentlemen, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Electronics Association Gary Shapiro.

Gary Shapiro – President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2014 International CES keynote series. Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people can connect, communicate and collaborate. And we’re so pleased to be joined by John Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cisco.

You know, John has built his entire career on seeing around the corner, identifying market transitions and making big bets on what’s next and he has been right so often. If you go back to when he keynoted here in 1999 and you listen to that speech, he talked about things like the connected home. He saw the future. He’s called it right almost every time.

John’s vision is help Cisco grow from $70 million in 1990 to record revenues of $48.6 billion in fiscal year 2013. He is interacting to the Internet of Everything (IoE), could be the most far-reaching yet. Along the way, John has been recognized among Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people, one of the Barron’s world’s Best CEOs, the Best Boss in America by 20/20 and BusinessWeek’s Top 25 executives worldwide.

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