Who Has Bewitched You? (Part 2): Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince’s sermon: ‘Who Has Bewitched You? — The Only Basis for Righteousness’ (Part 2)

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

Tonight I’m going to preach on something that will require your full attention. I’m going to preach on one of the main themes of the New Testament, but it’s one on which, I imagine, some of you have never heard a message in all your church going.

I pointed out… well we’ll go back to Galatians 3:1 for a moment.

Galatians 3:1: ‘O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified?’ Some of the texts add other words but that’s not important.

I pointed out that there is a sinister force at work in the church of which the Satanic purpose is to obscure the cross, because once the cross is obscured, Satan can reassert his dominion over us. The only basis of our liberty and our victory is the cross.

Consequently it is a continuing major purpose of Satan to conceal from Christians what was accomplished at the cross. Yesterday we looked at all that Jesus obtained for us through the cross and I said, the cross is the only and all sufficient basis for the total provision of God for every area of our lives. We do not need any other basis, but the cross, and what’s provided through the cross is salvation in its fullest sense, total salvation for spirit soul and body, for time and for eternity.


Tonight we’re going to look at another fact about the cross which, in my opinion, is almost, I would say, is generally ignored by the professing Christian church to their great loss, and that is that the cross abolished the law as a means of achieving righteousness with God. Not merely the law but law.

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I have to explain that in many places in the New Testament, in Romans, Galatians and elsewhere, where the most English versions say ‘The Law’, which would indicate the law of Moses, the Greek has not got the definite article, it’s ‘law’. It’s not merely the law of Moses, it’s law has been abolished by the death of Jesus as a means of achieving righteousness with God.

Now that sounds simple. Some of you say, well we always knew that but the matter of fact is, when you apply it the results are startling, they are very controversial. And I realize I’m in a church called ‘Grace Baptist Church’. I’ve just come from another church which was also called ‘Grace’ and I say this without any specific reference to ‘Grace Baptist Church’, but my comment is that most of the churches that talk about grace know nothing of it in experience. They are entrapped in legalism.

Now let’s look at some Scriptures and for every Scripture I give you, I could give you two more that I’m not giving. Let’s turn to Romans chapter 3 and verse 20.

Romans 3:20. Now let me just mention about this question of the word ‘the’. There is a big edition of the New American Standard Bible with marginal notes which in its text puts words in italics that were not in the original, and that version puts ‘the’ in italics everywhere it’s not in the original. If you want to check you can do it. It’s not the small version of the NASB, it’s a big one, it’s a very useful version, it’s got very excellent cross references and headings and it’s a real attempt to be accurate.

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